Our Journey

Sometimes in life there is sweet after the sour. My work contract expired in June 2013. It is unsettling to say the least. Although one prepare one self for these kind of changes, it is never easy and there is always something that catch you off guard.

Due to the unstableness of today's work environment, I have started a small Quilting business  in April 2012, which I have managed mostly after working hours and on weekends but with the focus on internet sales.

Since the contract expired, the short term focus changed to prepare for the International Quilt Convention  Africa which took place in September 2013.

The event passed by and so does time. Since I am now full time involved with the business, I also had to take a couple of decisions. One of them was to decide the way forward in terms of my business.

After a lot of research, I have finally decided to open my first retail shop. Oh, what a night mare to search for a suitable place. Unfortunately the Agents are not very helpful in this regard.


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