Here is a preview of some of the fabric I am taking along.

Golden Rand Quilt League

Hi There

We are going to the Golden Rand Quilt meeting on 17 November 2012. It is hosted at the Alberton Civic Centre. From 09h00 onwards.

We have stunning new material!!

Hope to meet you all.



We have attended this class and it was great. Mary and Barbara was so professional and helpful. Very relaxed. I would love to do many more classes with them. Hope to see them again in September 2013.
What an experience! IQC Africa 2012. It was so much fun. We have worked with this fabric line from Moda. The class was presented by Me and My Sister.
It is so exiting! The day has finally arrived! The International Quilt Convention Africa 2012. All the wait and months of planning is here. It seems to good to be true.


We are fortunate enough to attend a full day class on Friday with Me and My Sister. Am so looking forward to the class and the whole event.

I hope you have a great week end and hope to see you at the convention.
My little Dashund was so ill during the week that we had to rush him to the vet. He contracted a virus and as a result he had to stay at the clinic for a day. I am so relieved that he is much better and back home.
Hi Everyone!

It has been busy the past month and a half. The website have been updated. New stock was delivered. It is always so exiting to receive new fabrics. Pictures of the fabric could be viewed at my internet shop. .

A Baby Quilt which I have completed recently

Mezomode Quilt website

Hi Everyone!

This is quite exiting. My website for my new internet Quilt shop is nearly complete.